Historic Renovation in North Chattanooga

Renovation Mysteries and Uncovering History

New Blue is in the beginning phases of an addition and renovation in the historic Hill City area of North Chattanooga, Tennessee. This is not uncommon for New Blue; we consider ourselves experts at renovating older homes and matching period trim, carpentry and build styles.

In my research of this home that dates back to 1905, I came across numerous search results that indicated that this home was designed by Chattanooga renowned architect W.H. Sears. The name was new to me, but I presumed there must be some importance as I found more and more instances of this.

Upon further review, there are many search results on Sears, across both architectural documentations as well an article from the archives from the Boys Scouts of America. According to the information provided by the Chattanooga BSA archive, Sears was integral in setting up the original Boy Scouts in Chattanooga. You can learn more of that story here: Chattanooga Boy Scouts of America History

As more searches were returned, I found that Sears was integral in the establishment of homes and buildings all over Chattanooga, from schools, to government buildings, to homes.

This project is gaining speed with a very solid New Blue crew, with Corey Thompson at the helm guiding a tricky upstairs addition that includes a March based roof removal in Chattanooga, the rainy season.