By: Stuart Gaines, owner of New Blue Construction

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The whole endeavor is volunteer and community based in nature, and grassroots in its approach, goals, and methodology. Having visited the school personally a handful of times in recent weeks to plan this work, it has become apparent how–and despite a facility that is in great need of huge upgrades and updates– these devoted coaches, teachers, and administrators work hard every day to reach and positively affect the students of Brainerd High. Their devotion and need is on clear display in the short, above video.

Over the next two weeks, and in partnership with Waldrep Construction and many others, New Blue is specifically trying to paint, repair, construct for, and generally improve the athletic wing of the building. On a nuts and bolts level our carpenters and painters will be painting, building lockers, cleaning, building storage, making repairs, and generally trying to make the most impact we can in a short amount of time on various projects in the athletic wing, and while other volunteers and contractors will work in other parts of the building. All of our labor for the project is donated, and we expect most of the entire New Blue crew to participate in the project. We begin work on Monday.

Some of our partners have begun to step forward with donated materials, lumber, and reduced-price goods, but the larger goals of the project may not be realized without additional funding.

With about $10,000 raised we can: Complete most of the painting, repair, and remodeling we have planned and proposed for the locker rooms, weight room, and athletic training areas of the building.

With about $20,000 raised we can: Buy and install a new gym floor for the weight room and other areas. Begin to purchase new equipment for the weight room you’ll see in the video.

With about $30,000 raised we can: Complete a substantial upgrade to all weight equipment and beyond. Additional monies can be used in other parts of the building for other repairs and projects too numerous to name.

Because the Brainerd Together website does not have a ready link for donations, New Blue has set up a GoFundMe page, listed below to simply facilitate donations. 2.9% of each donation does go to the page and fees. We can also handle checks if that is your preferred method. Volunteers are welcome the week of 6/17 for anyone interested in sweat equity.

Please consider donating any amount between $50 and $1500. I think we can pull together and make a big impact in the lives of these student athletes and coaches, as well as the balance of the student body at Brainerd.

July 3rd Update: The funds raised through gofundme have been deposited directly into the Brainerd account. In total with direct donations and gofundme, we have raised almost $10,000. Thank you all so very much. We greatly appreciate all your generosity in being able to help out a organization in need. With the money that has been raised, we have been able to build 26 new lockers for the football team, 14 new lockers for the boys basketball team, 16 new lockers for the girls basketball team, repaint the weight room, football locker room, men’s basketball locker room, and women’s basketball locker room. We have also been able to purchase new rubber flooring for the weight room and replace some of the old weight lifting equipment with new.

We hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th