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Project Managers at New Blue Construction work to guide their assigned projects through the construction process, with the goal of completing projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality. As the primary contact for clients, architects, designers, and the trades, Project Managers develop and maintain the important relationships that are key to ensuring the continued success of the company. Project Managers report directly to the Production Manager and the company President.

Job Description:

A Project Manager at New Blue Construction manages the day to day operations of their assigned projects. They are required to have a complete understanding of all aspects of the project scope and specifications, and will be held accountable for meeting the budget, schedule, and work quality standards.

Project Manager Minimum Qualifications:

– Minimum 7-10 years experience in residential construction
– Preferred 3+ years of experience in commercial construction
– Minimum 5 years experience in supervisory role
– A demonstrated understanding of construction best practice methods and codes
– Strong communication skills, both spoken and written.
– Proficient with current technology; ie smart phones, computers, email, Word, Excel, etc.

Core responsibilities/requirements/duties:

– Clear understanding of the work scope, drawings, and contract budget.
– Manage and coordinate the day to day field work to ensure it is constructed in an orderly and deliberate manner consistent with the client agreement.
– Communicate and partner with New Blue management, foremen, leads, and field crew to ensure best practice work methods, safety, and productivity.
– Manage and look ahead to proactively identify issues that could lead to problems or delays and actively facilitate solutions to these issues.
– Obtain all inspections and ensure the quality of work is maintained.
– Ensure all work described in the contractual work scope is completed.
– Maintain daily paperwork and correspondence.
– Create and/or sign off on the project schedule prior to the project start.
– Work to meet or beat schedules, and aim for zero-item punchlists.
– Submit all schedules for Production Manager approval.
– Communicate with clients at least once a week, in writing.
– Interact directly with architects and designers, to ensure that client expectations are clear across all parties.
– Manage the budget and job costs while maintaining a professional relationship with vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients.
– Record and share meeting notes for all pertinent meetings.
– Verify all work is performed to New Blue standards.
– Maintain a clean and safe jobsite. Coordinate safety meetings and protocol with Safety Manager.
– Identify, price, and coordinate all change orders per New Blue policy.

All field personnel report directly to the PM that is managing the project they are assigned to. All PM’s report directly to the Production Manager.

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