Your Brand in Brick & Mortar

You’re not simply looking to hang your shingle. This is your business. Not just any old space will do. This place has to have function that sings and form that sells the company line better than any pitch ever could. Whether it involves renovating old architecture or developing something completely new, we make the essence of your business a top priority in your commercial build.


Tremont Tavern

Church of the Good Shepherd

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of commercial projects do you specialize in?

We like giving old buildings new life. We look for projects that need a working understanding of historical buildings and the hands-on experience to bring them into the 21st century while preserving their essential feel and character. Whether it’s adaptive reuse–turning an old storefront or factory into a restaurant or art center–or simply bringing a beloved institution up to date.

I’m thinking of purchasing a commercial space to retro-fit. Can you help me think through that process?

We recommend consulting with an architect first. There are many issues to consider–such as local codes, permitting, mandated fire and safety standards–that they specialize in dealing with, in addition to the design itself. An architect will help you sort through these issues before you engage with a contractor.

Project Request

Epic builds begin with a conversation. In our experience, it only takes a few simple questions to really get one going.