Church of the Good Shepherd

Much loved by its congregants, the Church of the Good Shepherd on Lookout Mountain has seen many changes and additions since it was consecrated in 1946.

We began a years-in-the-making commercial renovation of the church’s worship spaces by updating the heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems and incorporating subtle structural changes as needed to support those improvements. We repaired or replaced flooring, widened doorways, replaced aging trim, and added new energy-efficient lighting. Our carpenters carefully matched period details inside and out–building a new oak entry door for the nave (sanctuary), creating authentic-looking new windows for the narthex (foyer), and replacing worn outdoor elements with new cedar columns and arched corbels. We reconfigured bathrooms to make them wheelchair-accessible and updated them with elegant new finishes. In the end, the congregation has a home that is both functional and familiar.

Project Highlights

Size: 10,000+ square feet

Scope: Update and renew the church’s sanctuary and fellowship hall, including mechanical and plumbing systems, trim and finishes, and LED lighting–while keeping the character of this historic church intact

Location: Lookout Mountain

Architect: Ann Aiken, AMA Architects

Feature: Custom oak entry doors

Skilled Techniques: Blending new details into the existing work, making sure the new brick and trim flow seamlessly into the old

Project Request

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