Mid-Century Moment

New Blue was honored to be trusted by Rick Thompson, the designer–and owner–of this home. Inspired both by the ranch-style homes of Rick’s childhood, and the famous designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, it succeeds at making its simplicity its elegance. The home feels much larger than its 2500 square feet because of the thoughtful design, the clean lines that carry throughout, and the natural light that fills the space. This build demanded technical expertise and careful attention to detail from our craftsmen and project managers alike.

Project Highlights

Size: 2200 square feet

Scope: New construction on a steeply sloped lot 

Location: North Shore

Architect: Rick Thompson, Artech Design

Challenges solved: Because the house is on such a steep slope, the back porch is about 20 feet off the ground. To hold it up, we built masonry piers and installed 20-foot posts as support.

Project Request

Epic builds begin with a conversation. In our experience, it only takes a few simple questions to really get one going.