Smaller Jobs.
Same High Standards.


We see a lot of demand for what the construction world calls “small” jobs. Maybe you need to renovate one bathroom, or want to rip out and rework your fireplace. These are jobs that are a little out of handyman territory, but less than a full home renovation. Many contractors, ourselves included, find these jobs hard to accommodate when juggling larger projects. So we created a division to exclusively handle projects that are smaller in scope.

Like the rest of the company, Special Projects has an experienced crew and seasoned project managers. And it functions under the same philosophy that guides the company at large: be responsive, be accountable, and produce high-quality work. When you work with Special Projects, your job is handled with the attention, work process, and warranty of a general contractor and the nimbleness of a smaller operation.

Townhouse Polish


Finishing the Masterpiece


Those last touches can make all the difference. A refreshed kitchen and updated bathrooms were all this spacious, art-filled townhouse needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of jobs does Special Projects handle?

Those “smaller” jobs that our regular crew is not able to get to. Everything from renovating a master bath to building a carport. While these jobs are smaller in scope and budget than a complete home renovation, they still receive the same level of craftsmanship and attention.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes, Special Projects gives an 18-month warranty.

Do you give free estimates?

We charge for site visits and estimates. If you choose to proceed with us for your project, those costs are deducted from your final costs.

Project Request

Epic builds begin with a conversation. In our experience, it only takes a few simple questions to really get one going.