Passing It On – Greenspace’s “Build It Green” Program

By: Greg Prescott & Lisa Williams, New Blue Construction

Passing it On

New Blue Construction is an enthusiastic community partner of Greenspaces, a Chattanooga non-profit dedicated to sustainable building practices. So when Greenspaces asked us for help recently with their Build It Green internship program, our own Greg Prescott and Stuart Gaines stepped up to give their carpentry students some hands-on training in advanced framing techniques.

Participants in the Build It Green program get a 12-week paid internship that teaches them construction skills with a focus on energy-efficient building techniques. They also get mentoring from local construction companies and make connections with employers looking to hire. New Blue has now taught students in two different sessions since the program’s inception.

On this occasion, Greg and Stuart helped the students frame several walls for the IceBox Challenge, an international competition that asks contestants to build two small, well insulated buildings (one to local building code, and one to Passive House standards) that will be used to demonstrate to the public how smart building techniques can save energy and money

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