Modern Sanctuary

“The best house is polite to her neighbors,” says Hugh Newell Jacobsen, “and never shouts.” Designed as an homage to the famed architect, this light-filled, modern, home is loaded with seemingly simple design elements that would challenge traditional contractors. Design that requires high-end finish carpentry is what we do best. And in keeping with Mr. Jacobsen’s professional opinion, we too will politely allow the house to speak softly on our behalf.

Project Highlights

Size: 3,300 square feet

Scope: New construction home and swimming pool in country setting

Location: Middle Valley

Architect: HK Architects

Features: lap pool, knitting room, study

Special Details: Fry reglet drywall detail on all base trim and door casing

Skilled Techniques: The fry reglet detail requires drywall stops short of the floor and door openings, creating a reveal. The reveal must be perfectly consistent throughout the house with no room for error. This modern design element is tough to pull off, but the clean lines are stunning.

Project Request

Epic builds begin with a conversation. In our experience, it only takes a few simple questions to really get one going.